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15 years of experience in conducting a high vibe experience.

After DJ’ing my first party at 15, I realized that the entertainment industry was the life for me. Entertainment just seems to change things. Since the dawn of modern man, entertainment has always been an integral part of our daily lives. Whether in the background or in a room full of people having the time of their lives, people are always searching for a way to experience something more than just the drab of day-to-day formalities.

What I started as a Mobile DJ company over a decade ago, has now grown into a full-service entertainment company. In order to supplement my income during the off season I began hosting a weekly trivia night at a local brewery in my hometown. After several weeks, the crowd began to grow to almost full capacity. This gig brought recognition to my comfortability behind a mic in front of a crowd of people. Soon after, I started getting requests to host similar activities for local Chambers, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and even senior living facilities. As things progressed, I was contacted by festival hosts, nonprofit and corporate events to help coordinate, announce, and facilitate the logistics of the day.

In all these interactions, I was inevitably rubbing elbows with some extremely interesting and compelling people from all walks of life. And as it may, I decided that it would be a shame for the world not to know these peoples’ stories of who they were on a deeper level and how they evolved into the person they are today.
Enter the podcast, which has grown into what is arguably my favorite part of it all. The ever-growing digital world we are all living in has created an environment that is severely lacking in truly genuine conversations and I felt compelled to make a change. Whether investors, business owners, elected officials, spiritual leaders, or just really interesting people, the podcast shines a light on the value they bring to those around them.

Within all that, I just truly enjoy raising the vibrations of any given situation at any given time. Giving people hope, joy, and showing them, in one way or another, that life is truly meant to be lived to the fullest every single day. We all get one shot at this life, why not give it everything we got?

Stay Vibey, My Friends

No matter what kind of event you're hosting, Michael will help facilitate a truly memorable experience for your guests or customers.

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My Personality

  • Happy & Relaxed

  • Flexible & Calm

  • Truthful but Kind

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  • Communicative & Positive

  • Flexible & Calm

  • Friendly & Supportive