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Podcast & Production

A great way to promote your business while having fun.

When you’re considering ways to promote your business, most options are expensive and impersonal. But sponsoring or being a guest on a Your Vibes Podcast gives you a leg up on your competition.

Be Our Guest

With dedicated fans, mostly centered in Middle Tennessee, the podcast gives individuals a chance to tell their stories and increase their reputation in a low-pressure, conversation-based setting.

The host, Michael Shepard, is a master at keeping the conversation going at a comfortable pace while always bringing the story back to you. Better yet, there’s no stress if you fumble your words or you go blank since Michael expertly edits the podcast afterward before posting live.


For only $300/month, your business will be heavily yet naturally promoted on the podcast via commercial breaks and conversational mentions. And since most of the listeners of the podcast are influencers and business owners in the middle Tennessee area, your message will come across loud and clear to the right people.

Plus! Since the content lives on forever, the exposure will continually be a link to and from your own brand.

Subscribe and Watch on YouTubeSubscribe and Watch on YouTube
  • Promote your business

  • Connect with others

  • Tell your story

  • A safe, no-pressure environment

  • Grassroots marketing

Produce Your Own Podcast

Thinking of creating your own podcast but have no idea where to start? Scrap the idea of investing thousands of dollars in your own professional recording equipment and hit the ground running with our equipment!

Our staff will teach you everything you need to know to create a professional sounding podcast for your fans.

What's the Vibe?

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